Changing the world one girl at a time

Girls in Business is a community platform offering support and advice to female-owned small businesses.

We have a large and growing community on Instagram, where we feature a new female-owned small business each day. 

We also run Virtual Markets at the end of each month, where we curate a day to showcase 24 amazing female-owned small businesses.

We have big plans for our community, so watch this space 💜

My story

In May 2020 I lost my job due to COVID-19, however, it was the biggest blessing in disguise.

Instead of seeing my job loss as a setback, I decided to see it as an opportunity to follow a dream of mine.

That dream was to start my own small business in the skincare industry and so I invested my time and energy into bringing my idea to life. 

I set up PERLcosmetics and in July 2020 I launched my first product which is a British pink clay mask that leaves your skin glowing!

Whilst working hard to launch my business I found myself struggling to get my brand name known and in front of new audiences.

I got kicked out of endless Facebook groups for ‘self-promoting’ which I found extremely frustrating.

It then dawned on me that there must be so many other women who have just started their own small businesses who could also be struggling with the same problem. 

To me, it felt like there was space for a platform that showcases women in business and promotes self-promotion. Low and behold, Girls In Business was born!

What started out as a page to shamelessly promote PERLcosmetics, has quickly turned into a supportive community of like-minded women.

Over on Instagram I post twice a day. Our morning post is motivational for that #morningmotivation and our evening post is an inspiring story of one woman and her journey in starting a business.

In November 2020 I ran my very first Virtual Market, which was a great success. It’s a brilliant way to gain brand exposure as well as finding other amazing female-owned small businesses. 

If you want to get involved get involved, check out the page here.

I hope for this community to continue to grow and evolve, with big plans for the future!

My end goal is to become a one-stop shop for resources in starting, running and growing a small business. As well as providing a community, as small business life can get lonely!

Where I live

Watford, UK

My favourite app

Instagram or TikTok

My inspiration

Ben Francis and Grace Beverley

My coffee shop order

An oat milk latte

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