Virtual Market FAQs

We will be running Virtual Markets over on our Instagram page and have listed out some FAQs below to help you understand how to get involved and how it works. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Isobel at 💜

Please submit a form here and remember to enter the date you wish to apply for.

Applications will close 11:59pm the Thursday two weeks prior to the market.

For example, applications for Sunday 7th November market close 11:59pm Thursday 21st October.

The market will cost £35 per stallholder.

Successful stallholders will be contacted with payment information. Payment will be taken via our website and you will be sent a payment link, being able to pay via Paypal or card.

Payment must be received by 6pm Monday 2 weeks prior to the market. If payment has not been received then your place will be given to someone on a waitlist.

Stallholders will be carefully selected from each category to ensure there are not too many similar sellers, thus minimising competition during the market. Things I look for when choosing are:

  • A strong social feed, such as good quality pictures, I can clearly see what you offer
  • A clear way to shop your products
  • An easy to shop website (if you have one)

What I don’t look at:

  • How many followers you have
  • Whether you sell on Etsy, a website or take payment via Instagram messages

There will be at most 24 stallholders in each market.

Markets will take place on a Sunday, usually the last Sunday of each month from 11am through to 4pm.

The main event will run over on our Instagram page as an interactive event. Each stallholder will also have their own feature on our website such as here.

  1. Stallholders are categorised and carefully chosen to ensure there is a variety of stalls and products to shop on the day
  2. Successful stallholders will receive a link to our Virtual Market Stallholder Information Pack outlining the next steps such as payment and what I need on Friday 2 weeks prior to the market
  3. Stallholders must pay by 6pm Monday 2 weeks prior to the Virtual Market and must submit the additional information by 6pm Friday the week before the Virtual Market
  4. During the weeks leading up to the market, I and the stallholders will be hyping the event on our Instagram page with countdowns and interactive stories
  5. On the day of the event from 10am to 11am I will be posting the stallholders to our main Instagram, ready for our virtual doors to open at 11am
  6. Customers will head over to our page, browse our Instagram grid and view our stories. These will all direct them over to the stallholders pages so you can easily shop the 24 stallholders
  7. There will also be a link to all the stallholders taking place at that Virtual Market on our website here, and each stallholder will have a dedicated page where you can learn more about them such as here
  8. Stallholders will tag us (@girlsinbusinessuk) in their stories allowing us to re-share what they’re up to during the day
  9. Once the virtual-doors close, you can still browse our stallholders by either the date of the event here and the category here

There are 3 ways to shop our Virtual Market:

  1. Via our website here
  2. Via Instagram here
  3. Via the hashtag #girlsinbizvirtualmarket and #girlsinbizathome on Instagram

Have a watch of this IGTV here to learn more.

You’ll receive the Virtual Market Stallholder Information Pack on the Friday two weeks prior to the market. It contains all the below information in more detail, marketing materials and the payment link.

Please ensure you’ve paid by 6pm Monday 2 weeks prior to the Virtual Market and have sent over the additional information by 6pm Friday a week prior to the Virtual Market.

It is highly encouraged to share and hype the event on your social media as the more hype we create around the Virtual Market then the more fun, interactive and (hopefully) sales there will be!

It is also encouraged that the stallholders create their own ‘at-home’ stall to take customers through your products and are active on Instagram throughout the day.

You could hold Instagram lives allowing customers to ask questions, do ‘how-to’s’ with your products and generally interact with your customers and have fun.

You’ll be added into a Virtual Market Instagram group, which is a little community for you to engage with other stallholders and ask questions.

Once the market ends, the community continues. There is no pressure to remain in the group, but if you wish you can use it as much or as little as you like.

Nope, although we do advise being active throughout the day and providing an interactive experience on your Instagram, such as showing customers your at-home stall, any behind the scenes footage, Q&As, meet the maker etc.

We find the more you put into the day, the more you get out. That being said, we do not expect you to be glued to your phone all day! 

Unfortunately, once payment has been received you will unable to be refunded.

Sales are at the top of everyone’s list from any market, however, I cannot guarantee sales will be made.

Aside from sales, you will gain brand exposure, new potential customers and new potential followers.

Not only that, you’ll be part of a supportive community and will be able to engage and network with other wonderful female-owned small business Virtual Market stallholders prior to the market and after.

Join one of our Virtual Markets