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I’m Anna Louise and I am an experimental artist that has taken the leap of faith in recently sharing and selling my artwork!

I sell original abstract art prints and am forever exploring a variety of different styles to produce an eclectic range of art.

After 10 years of putting off drawing for fear of it being awful, I went to an inspiring art class that motivated me to try push past the 'it will look rubbish, don't even try' attitude to picking up brushes and just going for it!

I found freedom in attempting more abstract paintings with an element of something special (mainly the Manchester bee from my Manchester home 🐝)

And now my joy not only comes from the time I spend painting without fear, but also the love of knowing that my art is hanging in someone's home and bringing them joy! My advice to others is to put aside that doubtful voice that lives in every artist's head and just go for it if it brings you happiness.

I hope you will support me on this journey and watch this space for more prints and artistic experiments!

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