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Cydnee Brook Photography is your biggest brand advocate. Cydnee’s creative — and sometimes alternative — photoshoots are designed to capture the personality of the boldest of brands.

Originally starting out in the world of health and fitness, Cydnee felt tied into an industry that was regurgitating the same content over and over again: nothing looked original. So building her own brand gave her the permission to remove herself from the shackles of convention. Because she felt so empowered with this freedom to express herself (on her own terms) her mission is now to make sure that growing brands and influencers have this same opportunity to try something wild or unconventional, if it feels authentic to their brand’s values, without being held back from expectations or industry-norms.

Cydnee Brook Photography’s mission is to provide the support and creative direction that allow businesses to fearlessly put a stake in the ground and claim their own space in their industry, using their website and social media imagery to connect with their tribe.


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