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Words, like all of us, are not immune to the passage of time.

Just as cassette tapes and CDs fell from grace, slang from the 1940s became unrecognisable long before 2021. Words like dischuffed, sacricolist, traboccant, hodad, ruricolous, affuage and cassingle puzzle today's ear but would have seemed as natural to our ancestors as googling, latte, gaming and hydration do now.

Words gently flicker out when they are no longer at the heart of a language, dropping quietly from dictionaries, conversations, school essays, love letters and tax forms.
As they age, these grey-haired and wrinkling words slowly become fossils of a bygone era and each takes a little slice of history with them.

As a linguistics graduate, my life to date has been a long love affair with language and I particularly enjoy studying etymology. During lockdown last year, my iso-hobby of tracing the history of antiquated words escalated into launching a store for the handpoured small batch, soy candles I had been crafting for loved ones and so, Etymology Collective was born in my kitchen.

All Etymology Collective candles are researched, designed, handmade and handpoured (by me!) here in the UK and crafted using 100% soy wax in recycled glass containers in order to be as sustainable as possible. Our candles are also created in small batches, a maximum of ten per pouring session, to provide the best possible experience when burning. From a shipping perspective, all packaging utilises recycled materials and please don't be shy to select the gift-wrapping add-on if you'd like to send one of our candles directly to a lucky recipient!

I am delighted to share Etymology Collective with you and shine a spotlight on some of the brilliant words that have flickered out of our dictionaries and everyday use.

Many thanks,
Emma @etymologycollective

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