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I graduated from university in the summer of 2020 after having taken my exams during lockdown away from home. The job market was looking bleak, and, after making just under 100 applications for jobs without success, I decided to launch my own small business to help with the discouragement I felt during my day-to-day routine of applying for jobs. But what to sell?

My sister works for the NHS as a Junior Doctor, and her shifts were long and tiring. I found it difficult to find a gift for her that said, ‘well done, put your feet up’ and was a real treat whilst also being sustainable. Over a period of several months I researched methods, ingredients and packaging, perfected my recipes, and tested the results to create bath products and candles that fit my criteria for high quality, sustainable products.

The environment is an important factor in how I manage these products – I am constantly innovating and discovering new ways to adapt the products and business to reduce our impact. The packaging used is either 100% recyclable or 100% biodegradable- from paper tape, to wood void fill. The container for the candle is recyclable if disposed at the correct facility – simply clean out the remaining wax and pull out the metal sustainer at the bottom (the thing holding the wick in place- this is a safety requirement to prevent the wax burning too low).

These candles are made from coconut and rapeseed wax – which is renewable – rather than soy wax which is difficult to source as sustainably. It also allows a lovely strong scent throw and a long burn from our high quality fragrance oil and essential oil candles.

I am currently working on a new line of 100% natural candles, so keep your eyes peeled for their launch!

I hope you enjoy my products just as much as I do making them!


Kempston, Bedfordshire

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