Lowri Wilkie – Mindfulness and Wellbeing Coach
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I help inspire and motivate people who are ready to become more mindful, present, find emotional balance and self growth!

Do you currently struggle with any of the following: overthinking, worry, rumination, stress, burn-out, anxiety? Have you tried self help tools before but struggle to sustain habits and routine? Do you feel lost and unsure in which direction you want to take your life? Then I would love to work with you! Imagine you could live more mindfully in the present moment, regulate anxiety, create life changing habits for your wellbeing and feel confident in your values and goals.

During our coaching, I will be your accountability partner and help you create life changing habits and stick to your development tools! You will learn all the skills you need to be a more balanced and fulfilled version of you! I know that you really want to commit to your self-growth, but just need that push to jumpstart your journey!


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