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Makeup and Mane is the luxury beauty concierge, connecting busy women with high end makeup, hair and beauty services and products on location at the touch of a button. Utilising our expert knowledge in all things hair, makeup and beauty, we extended our service to include handcrafted luxury silk scrunchies, enabling our clients to care for their hair at home and on the move. We also created our signature Ultimate Heatless Wave Kit, The SilkVine™ to level-up our client's heat-free haircare game & it's since become our bestseller!

We use the finest pure mulberry silk right across our haircare range for its nourishing anti-breakage and anti-frizz properties, and every single item is lovingly hand crafted by CEO & Founder Rachel in her Christchurch home studio. We pride ourselves on our premium quality, sustainable and eco-friendly approach across all of our products and services, and we can’t wait to continue to grow our range of products to help even more gorgeous women achieve their hair & beauty goals!


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