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Style and fashion have been a creative outlet for me for most of my life. I would love going to an event and putting together a new outfit, experimenting with the latest fashion trends, getting caught up in new silhouettes, fabrics, prints and colours.  Moving from early twenties to late twenties fashion stayed with me as I looked to the latest trends for inspiration, trying new combinations and exploring my own style personality. But it was only once I learnt who I really was and how I wanted to express myself that true style started to come to the forefront of my wardrobe.

I decided to become a Personal Stylist and Style Coach™ after a big journey to find ‘My Why’.  As a young South-Asian woman I have lived between two parallels. Being born and raised in the UK but with a strong Indian heritage I always found myself struggling to fit in. After years of indecisiveness about what my true purpose and calling was, I finally came across it and so ‘My Why’ was born. I want to help women from all walks of life grow in inner and outer confidence. To enable those around me to look and feel good in their own individual skin, stand tall with confidence and detach from thoughts of judgement from others. This purpose centred my decision to start my training. I completed my training with the Style Coaching Institute as a professional Style Coach™ and Personal Stylist which equipped me with all of the personal styling and life coaching skills I needed to bring you the best packages to start you on your style journey.

My goal is to make personal style accessible to any and every woman from any background or age.  I often see women struggling to understand what works well for them, how to dress in a way that really represents who they are, and often becoming distracted by the latest fashion trends, ending up with a wardrobe full of clothes yet nothing to wear! I am here to help with all of that. To help you grow in body confidence, find your unique style personality and, most importantly, to have fun while doing it!

I have carefully curated 5 different style packages, each focussed on a different style related area. Each package works around your specific needs and involves me combining my skills in both Personal Styling and Life Coaching to ensure you get the most from each session. My in person services are based in the Watford, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas and I also offer online services.

Are you ready to start style and confidence journey with me?

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