Not Guilty Skincare Double Act Mask Set
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My name is Lauren and I am the founder and creator of Not Guilty Skincare, the home of natural skincare products for hormonal skin.

After struggling with regular hormonal breakouts, I discovered cycle-syncing and realised that it not only made sense as its basically providing your skin with what it needs, when it needs it most but it also had amazing results. I gained confidence in being able to recognise my skins needs as I had a better understanding of what was happening throughout my cycle. I am passionate about spreading the word and want to help women feel empowered to try a more mindful approach to skincare themselves for healthier, more even skin.

I launched Not Guilty Skincare with a mask set – 2 clay powder masks, each designed to be used at different times during your cycle to help reduce breakouts and dry, dull skin. Our formulas contain all natural ingredients and are free from preservatives and fragrances. Oils are blended into the clay powder to help nourish and soothe the skin to eliminate the dry, tight feeling clay masks can sometimes leave behind.

Our masks are available as a set but will soon be available to purchase individually as well. We are also launching a Christmas Gift set which includes a few extra goodies. Details will be released on our website.

There is also a Cycle-syncing Skincare Guide which is available for free on our website for those who want to learn more about this approach and how you can make changes to your routine today.

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