Paid Feature

Due to the overwhelming response of featuring on GIB, I’m opening up paid feature spots. These will be on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Free features will remain at least one day a week 💜

A paid feature is a way to have your business promoted to our audience of over 18,000 followers.

It is also a quicker way for you to get your business promoted, as there is currently over a 6-month waitlist for a free feature.

March media kit:

95% female following
18-34 age range
625,000 impressions
110,000 accounts reached
27,500 account activity 
26,000 content interactions

Impressions – Total number of times that all posts have been seen
Reach – The number of unique accounts that have seen any posts
Account activity – Profile visits, website & email taps
Content interactions – Likes, comments & saves

Paid feature: £15 1 x grid post

Any girl boss!

You do not need to be in the queue for a free feature prior to opting for a paid feature.

The feature spots will be announced via email at 6pm on Monday for features that week.

Sign up to receive the email here.

There will be a countdown reminder to make sure you don’t miss out.

Paid features will work on a first-purchase, first-serve basis.

The links to our shop will be in the email sent out at 6pm on Monday.

You can opt for an ‘any day feature*’ here (*Monday, Tuesday or Friday).

Any day feature*: £30 1 x grid post

You will receive an email detailing the information we need from you once payment has been received.

Please check your junk if you have not received an email from us after purchasing. 

I need the information by 6pm Tuesday.

Absolutely, features will remain free for at least one day of the week and will work on a first come first post basis.

Please note there is currently over a 6-month waitlist and as such we have temporarily closed our free features.

Sign me up for a feature!